ProtectorX Gen2

ProtectorX Gen2

$499.00 incl GST

Protect your home on wheels with our top-of-the-line caravan alarm system! Designed specifically for caravans, this advanced security solution will keep your valuable belongings safe while you’re on the road or parked at your favourite camping spot. Rest easy knowing that your caravan is safeguarded against intruders, theft, and other security risks. Don’t leave your home away from home unprotected – invest in our caravan alarm system today and travel with confidence!

Introducing the ProtectorX, a user-friendly RV alarm system by RVsecure that offers exceptional value for your money. Designed with simplicity in mind, this system provides unparalleled features for an entry-level alarm system available in the market. Equipped with an internal PIR detector, reed switch, and fully adjustable AntiTow/AntiHitch brake locking, Advanced Brake Tamper Detection for Electric Brakes plus more the ProtectorX delivers comprehensive protection for your RV. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable alarm system that combines multiple features to keep your vehicle secure.

With the ProtectorX, you get a cost-effective solution that surpasses expectations and sets a new standard in RV alarm systems.


Internal Movement Sensor
Door Sensor
AntiTow/Anti-Hitch system with adjustable sensitivity locks brakes on activation
Advanced Brake Tamper Detection (pat. pending) for electric brakes
Brake Safety Interlock
Flash Lights & Siren
Remote Operation
Easily Add Extra Sensors
Easy Installation – only 3 Connections + Power
Optional Plug’n’Play GPS
Made in Australia


Available accessories that  can be added to the system in seconds

Additional PIR’s
Reed Switches
Emergency ‘Panic’ Switches
VDOS – Vertical Door Opening Sensor

Whats in the box

1x ProtectorX Gen2 control unit
1x safeGuard PIR
1x safeGuard Reed Switch
1x High Output Siren
2x 4 Key Remotes
2x Security Warning Stickers

***please note, some components may vary from images due to availability

RVsecure Reviews

Ray S РWe have this system on our van. Love it, peace of mind when leaving the van unattended. Have the extras, panic buttons,  sensors on door and latches, brakes lock up if someone tries taking the van while system is armed. Can have alarm on silent mode as well.

Ade C – Best alarm going

Justin F – Finally, a professional security solution that is both affordable for our customers and easy to install

Roy F – Great product and lovely people to deal with


All product operation and installation manuals are available on the RVsecure website downloads page


Borgy from Weigh Me RV shows how easy it is to install a PlatinumX on a caravan


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